Hi there, I'm Chris.

Christopher Silvestri

I’m a conversion designer & copywriter, which means I bring user experience and compelling words together to make the internet a better place (and help great businesses make more money in the process). 

I’m interested and kind of obsessed with anything learning, mindfulness and peak performance.

  • Former UX lead at Zeda Labs & Conversion Crimes
  • I write and e-skate at Concrete Surfers (recently sold)
  • I’ve been playing drums for 20+ years (my band)
  • I’ve been playing basketball for 20+ years
  • Yep, I think life should be a lot about playing
  • I practice Vipassana meditation daily
  • If you couldn’t tell, I love tattoos
  • I read a ton, usually whatever my curiosity dictates
  • I travel a ton, usually wherever my curiosity takes me (and if covid allows)
  • You can find me on Twitter and Instagram ( or email chris@christophersilvestri.com)
  • Listen to my story here and here
  • Once a month I send out a newsletter

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