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Daily lesson 12 – Mind the gap

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Winchester, UK – 8:16pm

As a big learning addict I’m constantly asking myself what’s the next gap I need to fill with knowledge.

Most of the times one book leads to the next. Or it might be somebody mentioning something, then I research it and stumble on a whole new world of previously hidden treasures.

It’s a never ending hunt.

Sometimes though, we risk falling into thinking we’re not good enough right now, in the present moment, for whatever the next step is. Hence we need to learn MORE about it.

When does MORE become the new ENOUGH? Having good “learning boundaries” and self-control definitely help with figuring it out.

When you have a good idea of what the gap looks like and you’ve taken the first step, jump.

You’re either gonna make it or learn something in the process.

On another note. I think I’m covered for the 2020 as far as reading:

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