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How to persuade AI (because you will have to)

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It’s the year 2026 and you need a new project management solution (go figure…).

You need to find the BEST tool out there. And you need it fast.

Sitting at your desk, you start a chat with your AI assistant, “Find me the top-rated project management tools for medium-sized tech companies.”

The AI quickly processes your request, showing you a curated list of products. It highlights one of the tools, saying, “This one has excellent reviews and fits the size and nature of your company.” You nod and ask, “Can you show me how it integrates with our current systems?”

The AI opens their website. It navigates to the ‘Integration’ page and tells you all about how this tool connects with Slack, Google Workspace, and Salesforce. You’re intrigued but need more specs about customization. “Can I tailor it to our workflow?” you ask.

The AI, understanding your query, moves to the ‘Features’ page, explaining the tool’s customizable dashboards and reporting functionalities. It even simulates a scenario based on your company’s workflow, showing how the tool adapts to different project types and team sizes.

You’re stoked. Ok, let’s look at their pricing.

“What’s the cost for a team of our size?” The AI moves to the ‘Pricing’ page, breaking down the cost per user and any available enterprise packages. It also highlights a discount for annual commitments and a free trial period.

Curious about real use cases, you ask, “How have similar companies benefited from this tool?” The AI directs you to the ‘Case Studies’ section, providing summaries of success stories and detailed analyses of how the tool improved efficiency and communication in companies just like yours.

You’re almost sold, but what about support and training? The AI quickly navigates to the ‘Support’ and ‘Training’ sections, pointing out the 24/7 customer support, guided onboarding process, and training resources to make sure your team can fully take advantage of the tool.

BOOM. Let’s do it. You decide to schedule a demo.

The AI helps you fill out the contact form on the ‘Schedule a Demo’ page, setting up a date and time for your team to try the tool.

You thank your AI assistant for helping out.

After all it knows you. And it knows what you need.


Science or fiction? I’ll let you decide:

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Damn this takes user experience and conversion rate optimization to a whole new level.
“Voice navigation” could be huge. https://twitter.com/hume_ai/status/1773502170488361240
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Hume’s EVI API can do more than just chat – it can also take actions! In fact, we embedded EVI as a widget on our website to help you navigate around.
See it in action →

7:25 AM • Mar 29, 2024

This is just an example of how AI is going to change things in our industry.

But it’s a powerful one. Probably the biggest shift I’m seeing when it comes to how users online will be consuming content.

You can try it now.

Just open up the chat and ask it to walk you through the site

This is big because it changes how communication works.

Scott McCloud in his book “Understanding comics” explains how communication at its basic, most fundamental level works (with, you guessed it, a comic):

Thoughts -> Media -> Senses -> Thoughts

Pretty straightforward.

How does our message come through though? Will it be a 100% perfect representation of what we initially thought?

Not really. Our message is always affected in one way or another with all this transforming and exchanging between media and senses.

And what happens when AI helps us communicate and even make decisions?

You get this:

Thoughts -> Media -> AI -> Senses -> Thoughts

AI becomes the middleman. One who probably knows everything about us and can PERSUADE us.

That’s when it gets harder for us marketers and copywriters.

Our website doesn’t only have to explain to and convince our prospects. It also has to do that with the AI who’s going to guide our prospect through it.

My point?

Pay attention to where things are heading. Try these tools, play around and explore what they’re capable of, so you know where the limits are.

Realize that it’s less and less about the words, and more about the whole user experience of browsing a website, an article, watching a video, using a VR headset… whatever.

And know that luckily there’s a fix.

If you learn to understand people, you’ll never be out of a job. Because when you understand people, you understand AI, too.

Also… get excited! Imagine if we could use that AI on our side. Asking it to wear our prospect’s shoes and to look at our website, so we can ask it what they think, if our messaging resonates or not, and learn what we should fix?

Usability and message testing for free (or super cheap), and the ability to continuously test and iterate on our work – fast.

I’d love that. You?

📚 3 things to get better at copywriting

Video: Why assigning a “role” to AI works

Great explanation by Christopher Penn on why telling AI to wear the shoes of someone gets you better results than not doing it. It’s all about increasing the probability that the AI picks up the right content from its knowledge.

video preview

(don’t mind the title and description of the video, they probably messed it up and exchanged it with another on their channel)

Article: Ask AI to give feedback to itself

Since we’re heavy on AI today, check this out.

What if you could prompt AI to write you something, look at it and provide feedback to itself – then return something even better?

You can actually do it and AI agents are about to become a pretty big trend.

Swipe file: Remind customers why they love you

Speaking of thinking about the whole user experience and why it will make use better copywriters with AI taking over, I loved this email by the guys at Readwise. They didn’t have to say anything, I had already paid and renewed my subscription.

But they went the extra mile and reminded me of what I’m paying for and why.

Great example of how to improve perceived value, retention and customer satisfaction.


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✅ Don’t miss it

Episode 8 of The Message-Market Fit podcast is out.

I had an amazing chat with Andrew Capland, coach for heads of growth at Delivering Value. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to unlock customer insights with the power of Jobs to Be Done
  • How to connect research to actionable steps
  • How to leverage usability testing for informed decision making
  • The controversial topic of website teardowns
  • How expertise and confidence evolve over time
  • How to navigate career growth and achieve mastery in your field
  • How you can deliver value as a consultant
  • How to find and formalize mentorship relationships
  • How investing in mentorship can make a significant impact on your career
  • Solopreneurship or building an agency?
  • How you can use a “trophy file” to celebrate your wins

And way way more.

Check it out here, wherever you listen to podcasts or on Youtube. And if you find it valuable, would you consider subscribing and leaving a rating? 🙏

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🤔 Thought of the week

I think balance is for people who don’t know why they’re here.”

Marcus Slade, Recursion

You don’t need much to feel engaged with life: a goal, a clear mind and a sense of urgency. Balance is not one of them, but have all three and you won’t even be looking for it.

Have a great weekend!

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