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How to take a stand and stand out

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Hey Reader,

I always pay attention to what persuasion tactics work on myself. It’s the best way to learn. When you feel it, it’s easier to reproduce it in others. Well, I got sold on a new writing tool and I wanted to walk you through how they did it.

In the ultracompetitive SaaS world, you can try your best at innovating, you can use all the marketing stunts you want, but at some point, people need to see WHY you’re different FOR THEM.

One untapped way of doing that is having a point of view.

Enter iA Writer.

It’s a minimalistic writing tool (I’m using it to write this email) and it’s been on my radar for the past 5 or 6 years.

A couple of days ago I decided to go ahead and buy.

Why now?

Because I stumbled on one of their emails:

“Exactly one year ago, ChatGPT launched and everyone feverishly rushed to add it to their apps. We did the opposite.”

They had me at the first line.

I love it when a company says and does bold things. So, I started digging.

Turns out they wrote a couple of pieces going over their stand on AI and how it’s integrated in a lot of apps.

If you’re curious, start with this one they wrote a year ago for some context, and then the first of a 3 part series here.

What jumped out apart from the great writing, was how firmly they believed in something. It was their point of view.

As consultant Philip Morgan frames it:

A point of view is an idea that you wish your market would buy into because their buy-in would make things better for them.

When iA Writer says “A writing app that thinks for you is a robot that does your jogging.” they’re making their point of view clear: If writing is thinking, writing apps shouldn’t write for you.

This is what resonated. The attention to detail, the care for their product and audience, the consistency in their messaging – and their unique point of view – made them a no-brainer for me.

For some reason knowing about their stand on AI, infused their messaging with meaning.

And as legend Rory Sutherland reminds us:

We don’t value things; we value their meaning. What they are is determined by the laws of physics, but what they mean is determined by the laws of psychology.

This is why, when it comes to writing copy that truly makes you stand out, it’s not enough to understand what your customers value (i.e. your product’s feature and the benefits you provide)…

… you also have to resonate on a deeper, psychological, almost primordial level.

A great way for figuring out what triggers you can use in your copy to speak to both the values and emotions of your audience, is to map them out on the “limbic map”:

In this case for me iA Writer poked at the intersection of courage, rebellion, victory and fight.

When you know what values and emotions you are going to trigger, it often pays to test going the opposite way on the map.

What if for example they played with pleasure, fantasy, dreaming and humour? It would have been a completely different but still interesting and unique message.

What about your brand? What deep seated values and emotions could you emphasize in your marketing, content and copy?

Take a stand, find your point of view, and keep it consistent.

Your audience will pay attention.

📚 3 things to get better at copywriting

1. Don’t become a vegetable

Mark the iA Writer article series I linked to above in your favorites. Apart from the lessons in having and communicating a point of view, there are great meta-lessons in using AI for writing.

We suggest using AI’s ability to replace thinking not for ourselves but for writing in dialogue. Don’t use it as a ghost writer. Because why should anyone bother to read what you didn’t write? Use it as a writing companion. It comes with a ChatUI, so ask it questions and let it ask you questions about what you write. Use it to think better, don’t become a vegetable.

2. What is empathy, really?

empathy is paying attention to another human being, asking what they are feeling, and making a commitment to understanding their world.

– Chris Voss, Never Split the Difference

3. Don’t forget your customers

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Chris SilvestriTwitter Logo
Love how @DescriptApp and @SquadCastFM joined forces.
And this “pricing/feature” table is a nice little way to convey the extra value it’s now packed in the main app.
It’s good to focus on converting prospects, but keeping customers motivated is important too.
9:5 AM • Dec 8, 2023

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🤔 Thought of the week

“Reality is not what happens but is controlled by what is written and said about it.” – Howard Luck Gossage

When you can separate what happens to you from the way you and others interpret it, you create the space necessary to think clearly. It doesn’t need to be true to be useful.

Have a great weekend!

Chris Silvestri

Founder, Conversion Alchemy

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