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How to help your prospects think clearly so they do business with you

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Are you drunk?

You probably are…

Not in the “alcoholic/drunk” sense, but drunk on information (or misinformation).

We all are at any given time these days.

Your website visitors included.

They stumble on your website in search of the next shiny object until a new one takes its place.

We continually switch from one desire to the next, from one way to acquire what we want to the next.

Now, if your product is a commodity and “one of many”, this might be your best tactic.

Just flood people’s brains with information until they can’t think clearly anymore and just buy out of exhaustion.

But if you sell something truly valuable and unique, you might want to consider another approach.

It’s a minimalist way of doing things online.

It’s about helping your users focus.

In order to do this, we need to keep in mind what society is doing to us…

As author Yuval Noah Harari says, “Censorship no longer works by hiding information from you; censorship works by flooding you with immense amounts of misinformation, of irrelevant information, of funny cat videos, until you’re just unable to focus.”

In other words, it’s increasingly harder to find the signal among the noise.

Helping your people with that is your job as a business owner.

It’s a noble pursuit in my opinion.

How can you train your visitors to focus on what they really need? And then, how can you give them what they want?

It comes down to 3 steps:

  1. Know what prospects need
  2. Know what they want
  3. Stack needs on top of wants

Here’s what I mean…

Often times, buyers who convert because they prioritize their need will be the most loyal.

We want more of them. Less education, more action.

But they will be the minority.

So how do you convert more of those who are after their wants?

Stacking needs on top of wants means, using their wants, their surface layer desires to “lure” them in.

Create pictures in their minds of what their tomorrow will look like and then push it forward.

Give them a vision of their next 5, 10 years.

Start small, then expand.

It’s the only way you can clear their already clogged minds and focus their attention on what they truly need.

You don’t even need to write copy most of the times.

Using testimonials, videos, and case studies are great ways of stacking needs on top of wants.

For example, one of my clients is based in India and offers agile development services for SaaS companies.

Most of their leads are in the US or the UK.

And they are skeptical of offshore dev companies.

They know what they want (their product developed), but their needs (how, the process etc.) are still foggy.

Adding examples, videos or testimonials from other western companies, that ensure them of the quality of the work, of the accountability and of the professionalism of the Indian agency, would create a positive vision for them.

And their needs would match their wants.

From an emotional, confused picture, to a rational, focused view.

How can you use this on your website?

I’d love to know.

Quote and reflection of the day:

“Willing warriors don’t reach for excuses. While it’s human nature to try and talk yourself out of doing the hard or inconvenient thing, we know that it’s non-negotiable.”

  • David Goggins, Never Finished

You meet your biggest challenges every instant when you create a debate or doubt in your own mind. Don’t let those moments drain you. Watch for them. Then get out of your head and move.

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