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As some of you might know, I’m a big fan of real estate Youtube channels.

I like the focus on design, the presentation and the storytelling, especially when it comes to having to showcase multi million dollar properties in a 10 to 20 minute video.

Real estate is fascinating also because of the dual aspect of sales that these people face every day. They have to deal with both the seller side and the buyer side.

It’s an interesting dynamic with lots of variables.

It also makes my job as a copywriter seem “easy”. What do I have to do other than selling some people with words on a website?

Anyway, one of my fave real estate agents is Ryan Serhant, who other than owning one of the biggest luxury real estate agencies in NY, is also a great business man and media guy in my opinion.

A very useful concept he writes about in his books, is the concept of using a figurative “wall” as your motivation to succeed. What’s the one situation you don’t want to go back to?

It’s where you came from. All your hard work brought you to where you are now, but that wall is always looming.

He also talks about how this wall is there for his clients too:

“The seller’s biggest wall is a future in which they have Not Sold. The buyer’s biggest wall is a future in which they have Not Bought.”

What he does, is he plays to these fears in every negotiation.

It’s quite an eye opener to visualize your prospect, your website visitor crippled by the fear of not buying what you have to offer. It’s where you introduce scarcity and uniqueness.

It also puts you in a position of non-neediness, where you are 100% confident you’ll get the sale – if the prospect is the right fit.

In a way I’m kind of the real estate agent for my clients.

They’re hiring me to sell their product with copy and UX. Their customers are looking to buying it.

I always like to think I’m doing a good service for both parties. So far it’s been working well. Try this mindset on for size and let me know.

If you need help with it, get in touch.

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