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Hope you appreciated the Blink 182 reference in the subject line, I did.

Anyway, let me get to the point.

Yesterday I hopped on a podcast interview.

The topic was “Top 4 mistakes online businesses make when it comes to converting customers (and how to fix them with copywriting and UX.)”.

As I was preparing for it, I refreshed a nice little tool from the guys at MECLAB Institute that’s ingrained in all the work I do by now.

I forgot how powerful this simple concept is.

Yet, how so few businesses know about it and use it.

It’s the “micro YES sequence”.

What it says in a nutshell, is that when a visitor/user lands on a site, they don’t merely go through a series of big, chunked decisions (macro), but they make their way through the buying process (or non buying), in a series of tiny (micro) subconscious checkpoints or milestones. They can either reply YES or NO to each, with a NO being their stopping point.

When you think about it this way, every UX and copy decision becomes way easier and you guide users through their journey in a much more compelling way.

It’s like instead of having them jump a river at once (and risk falling in and getting dragged by the current into a deadly waterfall), you place rocks in the river so they can walk on them, one by one and safely reach the other side.

And the most under-appreciated of these micro YESes?

I think it’s the final section, all about the exchange of value:

  • Yes, I will trade
  • Yes, I will finish

Because your job is not done when people decide to do business with you.

You have to guide them through completing that transaction, too.

Super valuable in SaaS and ecommerce, where sign up, onboarding and checkout flows can make or break your business.

So next time you’re thinking of making a change to your user journey or conversion experience, think about it in micro, not macro steps.

What does the user need to say YES to before moving on to the next milestone?

It will put things in perspective and help you make better decisions.

A very quick and helpful way for identifying these micro YESes is running usability testing on your site.

If you need help with that, we can run a “Focused Strategy” session and lay it all out for you. Book one here.

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