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Time and energy.

As business owners and entrepreneurial folks, we need to learn how to manage both efficiently.

No way around it.

If you’re anything like me, your calendar looks like a Tetris wall and the goal is to stack more and more stuff in it as we go.

And to get better at it every day, with practice.

I was listening to Aryeh Bourkoff chairman and CEO of independent investment bank LionTree on a podcast.

I’m always super curious about how these top guys organize their days.

And turns out, Aryeh has a really cool perspective on how to manage your calendar.

He sees events as one of two kinds: passive or active, defense or offense, internal or external.

In short, some activities are proactive and reach outside your business. Others are more reactive and have to do with the inner workings.

It’s important to always keep your finger on the pulse for the ratio between these two.

His opinion? If your calendar looks like a 50-50 split between the two types, you’re not moving.

You’re just maintaining.

I always connect this to running your own research.

You might think that regularly learning about your audience or competitors is a passive/defensive activity, but I would argue the contrary.

It’s about preparation.

And preparation is active.

It is going on offense.

Because it’s the foundation for every single decision you’ll make moving forward.

Now, look at your calendar.

Do you have anything planned to learn more about what your customers need?

Or what your competitors are doing?

Or how visitors are interacting with your website?

If not, time to block some time.

Need help not only collecting this data, but installing a repeatable research system that you can go back to over and over without wasting energy or time?

Get in touch.

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