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Boredom is more dangerous than bullets

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A couple of days ago I was watching the movie “Wrath of man” with Jason Statham.

Good fast paced action movie, nothing extraordinary.

But one specific moment stood out.

In one scene, this guy in a gang of security truck robbers, gets all anxious while attempting to finish a big hit.

They’re waiting for the police to hit.

But something is way more dangerous than the police.

This guy, the main character played by Statham, is like a ninja.

He’s a truck robber himself, the boss of a gang actually.

On a revenge mission.

And he wants to kill every single one of these guys.

Thing is, they have no idea when or how he’s going to get to them.

They keep looking around, frantic and scared.

One of them says:

“Boredom is more dangerous than bullets, give me an enemy I can fucking see”.

I thought it was a brilliant way to put it.

Complacency is never a good thing.

In life, when you’re stagnating, it’s a sign you need to get our of your comfort zone.

Do something. Change course.

In business it’s the same.

And for your customers, whether you’re a software company or an ecommerce business…

Your customers don’t like being bored.

Engagement, the good kind, increases retention.

And we all know it’s easier to convert people who’re already buying, rather than new ones.

Came to mind as I’m working with a client to create their entire onboarding email sequence and in-app messaging strategy.

They had zero.

That’s what happens when you’re so focused on your business and product and never take a look at the other side – your customers.

And then wonder why you’re not converting.

And these guys have been around since 2013!

It amazes me how much opportunity is out there.

Just waiting for you to grab it.

Don’t let customers get bored.

And don’t let your business be boring, either.

It’s much better to find an “enemy” you can see.

Something to attack.

To give you direction and momentum.

Start looking for the next thing.

It requires a lot of planning and strategizing.

Reason why I love what I do. It’s not only copywriting, as my clients realize.

If you want to learn more about it let’s talk.

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