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What makes a brand truly memorable?

Something that changes the way you think about life, not just about the product.

I ask myself this question on every project where we have to come up with a value proposition and my client’s positioning is not clear.

Maybe their products are not that unique, but their way of doing things, from how they deal with customers, to how they speak to them, is indeed special.

I like what former Nike’s CMO Greg Hoffman says in his book “Emotion by design”:

See what others see, find what others don’t: Empathy is what turns good brands into great ones. Use your broader vision to gain a greater understanding of the world and the people beyond your own experience. With this “Vision Advantage,” you will uncover deeper insights beyond what you see directly in front of you”.

Now, maybe your brand doesn’t have the level of resources, the number of customers and the team that Nike has. But just doing basic research and understanding how to use it, can provide those deeper insights.

See, many brands approach it as “See what others see, find what others find”.

They research the market and either end up copying their competition, or settling for average, run-of-the-mill messaging.

What’s important here is the “finding what others don’t” part.

It’s the big idea behind your copy and positioning.

The angle you take when speaking to prospects.

And that can literally be anything you want. As long as it strikes a chord.

If there’s a time when you can be creative and a bit clever with copywriting, this is it!

Use your empathy to understand where you have to start from, and then anchor your messaging to an insight or theme that nobody’s ever found about your audience.

It will be much easier to separate yourself from the mass.

Sounds like a lot of work? it is, so get in touch.

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