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Call Sarah Connor, the machines are taking over

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I’m gonna make a prediction…

AI powered copywriting tools (like Copy.ai, or Jasper.ai) won’t be able to keep the pace.

Pace with what?

I’m talking about keeping pace with how fast human behavior and psychology is changing and adapting to everything around us.

Not talking about the fundamentals of persuasion. Those are here to stay.

What I mean is that if you think about it, just in the past 2 years (damn, it’s already been two years!) with covid alone, we’ve seen a radical shift in how consumers buy and use products.

Just look at the WFH movement.

It’s only one example of a huge market shift that’s happened so suddenly, no AI or machine could have seen it coming.

What does that have to do with copy and sales?

When it comes to market shifts and trends, it all has to do with how you sell.

The market’s underlying themes, mindsets and perceptions, they all influence buyer psychology.

And when it comes to your copy, the only way you have to truly understand your market – at that specific moment in time (important) – it’s to talk to those people.

So, in short, no I don’t think machines will take over.

At least not before we can create a truly 100% human-like AI (long shot for the foreseeable future).

As for the shorter term, you will still need a copywriter who understands decision making, human behavior and its biases…

…someone who can take what people say or write, observe their actions (because unconsciously people lie, influenced by external conditions) and understand their underlying motivations, needs, desires, fears and turn them into copy that sells.

Another hot take however:

What if we started developing AI that doesn’t try to be creative (as in with writing copy), but tries to analyze and study people?

A good thing about machines is that they don’t suffer from our biases.

And they can work with millions of data points, faster than any human ever could.

For example: what if an AI could look over thousands of reviews and extract the most important themes for motivations, value and anxieties? Or even take in competitor sites and spit out the data organized by what a copywriter needs to differentiate a product?

I’d have a ton of ideas.

So let’s train machines for research and analysis.

Leave the creation part to us.

As for the foreseeable future, I’m doing this all manually.

It’s detail, obsessive work. But I love it.

If you want to learn more about it let’s talk.

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