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Do you smell it?

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Big dilemma in a client project I’m working on.

They just redesigned and launched their site and even though it looks 100x more professional and polished than before, conversions are down. But there’s something even weirder…

…people who land on their homepage, don’t move to the category and product pages nearly as much as they used to before.

If previously 90% of visitors moved from home to product page, now only 10% does.

This calls for some investigative work.

One of the best parts of my work.

We’ve been doing the research for the past few months, interviewing customers, surveying them, running web polls, user testing, heatmaps etc.

All good stuff.

But also pretty much useless if you don’t know the fundamentals of how people move through a site.

One such critical fundamental is about smell.

Yes you got that right.

Imagine you’ve just arrived in a new city.

Some of the first things that grab your attention are usually smells.

Pastry, burgers, coffee, flowers if it’s spring…but also smog, sewer, other people etc.

Where would you head towards?

Would you go for the delicious and inviting or for the disgusting and repelling?

You’d probably go for that juicy burger or overflowing custard cannoli.

It’s the same on a website.

A cool concept in UX is called “information scent”.

Whenever a visitor lands on a site, the visual hierarchy (how information is presented and prioritized), the copy and design, they all contribute in creating some sort of scent or “smell” that either invites or misleads them.

When you set the right expectations with a strong information scent, you convert more people. When you mislead them with incongruent information or the wrong flow of information, people bounce or exit.

It’s important to understand how people flow and behave on your pages.

So you can give them the bits of information they need, when they need them.

Something we’ll be doing next with my client to help them fix their conversion dilemma.

That’s part of what I do. And it saves my clients tons of money on acquiring customers.

Because they convert more and don’t need that many.

If you want to learn more, let’s talk.

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