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Don’t trust ChatGPT to write your copy

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Sick of all the ChatGPT posts?

Well, here’s another one – except you need to hear this…. unless you want to see your conversions decrease with every AI-written line you use.

I’ve been trying out the tool for a while now, even on client projects, and don’t get me wrong, it can be helpful.

How and for what purposes?

From what I’ve seen by testing it, a few things work well for now:

  • Generating lists of synonyms and antonyms
  • Rephrasing sentences as idioms, tag lines or metaphors
  • Writing long form article drafts that you can then edit (don’t worry I still write all of these myself)
  • Giving you ideas and facts, yes even random – just double check on the facts
  • Extracting themes out of a lot of words
  • Giving you pointers on how to make your copy more concise (still requiring a whole lot of input from you in editing)
  • and probably a lot more use cases…

But there’s one thing that ChatGPT just plain sucks at…

And that is:

At not sounding like a copywriter.

Because yes people, there is such a thing as “sounding like a copywriter” (when you’re not a good one).

What I mean by that is, when your copy tries to stand out and the reader pays more attention to the words, than to how the words make them feel.

That’s when the AI fills sentences with big words that seem copy-pasted directly from a 70s ad in a magazine.

In other words, ChatGPT cannot make its copy take the backseat in favor of the end goal: to enter the subconscious mind of the reader.

Which is what legend copywriters are so good at.

A telltale sign of this is lack of detail.

And that’s because whoever tries to sound like a copywriter, typically hasn’t done the research. And they haven’t absorbed the lingo of their audience.

So my tip (and reminder to myself) today is…

Beware of sounding like a copywriter. Your copy should sound just like your prospects speak, not like the prepped spiel of a used car salesman.


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Quote and reflection of the day:

“It is the very mind itself

That leads the mind astray;

Of the mind,

Do not be mindless”

–  TAKUAN SOHO, The Unfettered Mind

Being present doesn’t mean forgetting that we’re actively influencing our reality with our thoughts. It’s not an excuse for idleness but a constant state of checking in with ourselves.

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