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Get out of your Grinchy cave

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I’m getting interviewed on a few podcasts.

No, this is not a pitch.

Not asking you to spread the word.

Today I wanted to share one big insight that makes the difference between a business who manages to stay competitive and one that stagnates and dies.

What do podcasts have to do with it?

It’s about perspective.

When you get interviewed on a podcast, the host usually sends you their questions upfront.

Unless it’s a more conversational format.

Well, to me, getting these questions is more valuable than the interview (and following promotion) itself.


Don’t I like it when I get new clients who’ve just listened to my interview?

Yes I do, I love it.


…the insights I get when I’m looking at the host’s questions are probably even more valuable.

Especially if the host is a potential client.

And the reason is, because they tell me what the market thinks of my industry.

And they tell me where the gaps are and how I can fill them.

The questions are a window to my positioning and role in the market.

Rather than navigating this business with blindfolds, I always look for people questioning what I do.

So I can keep up with the changes and adjust my positioning.

Part of the problem is also the “curse of knowledge”.

And jumping on podcasts helps me get a fresh perspective and look at what I do.

And fun fact is…

The more inexperienced the host is with what I do or the least popular the show is, the better my insights get.

Because of I have more work to do to explain it all.

The host has never interviewed someone else in my industry and they don’t have examples, or comparison facts.

It’s like speaking to a low awareness prospect.

Anyway, what’s the point here for you as a business?

You should always try to get a fresh perspective on what you do and how the market sees you.

Don’t be like the Grinch.

Don’t just carry your research once per year, go back in your cave and call it a day.

Get out there and find out where the gold lies.

Research and test little, but more often.

Quarterly is ideal.

If you want to learn how I would plan for this, let’s talk.

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