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Get over yourself

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Kobe Bryant was dominant.

He was present, calm, but at the same time aggressive when it came down to it.

How could he maintain his poise when the shit hit the fan?

In a (recommended interview) on the show Valuetainment, Kobe got asked about the time he missed 3 or 4 shots in the playoffs the first year in his career.

Imagine this: a rookie, thin as a stick, all eyes on him as he was supposed to be the next MJ.

Shoots one triple…airball.

Another one…airball.

And so on for the next one or 2, in a row!

Anybody else would have dug a hole and disappeared into a cloud of shame.

Not Kobe.

So when asked about how he dealt with it, his answer was brilliant in its simplicity…

“You gotta get over yourself, you’re not that important”.

Love it.

When you think all eyes are on you, when the pressure is piling up…just get over yourself. Nobody cares.

The point of this for you?

When writing your copy, you gotta get over yourself.

Whether it’s your homepage, a sales page and even your about page…. it’s not about you, but about what you can do for your prospects.

Learning to get out of your shoes and into the customer’s it’s a great skill in copywriting (and in life, it’s called empathy).

Usability testing is one way I “get over myself” and enter my client’s customers mind.

Want to learn how it can help your business convert more visitors into customers?

Let’s talk.

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