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Giveaway day 🎉 (how to find the perfect prospect when they’re hiding)

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It’s official, our Conversion Alchemy Journal giveaway is live.

Go give it some love and get a chance to be one of the 3 readers to win:

  • A one hour 1-on-1 consultation / coaching call with me (worth $400): On this call we’ll be able to brainstorm or work though any copy or marketing related challenge you’re facing in your business/career. Or we can just use it to connect and shoot the shit. 😉
  • The paperback edition of the book “Alchemy” by Rory Sutherland. One of my favorite books on decision making, behavioral psychology and persuasion.

My lofty goal is to get this newsletter to 1k subscribers by the end of the month so your help would be amazing.

Finding like-minded folks who are interested in what I have to say amidst the noise, is not easy.

Which brings me to today’s topic…

How do you find the perfect prospects?

How do you bring in more of the people you want, and fewer of those you don’t want?

Maybe Jack Ryan (from the Tom Clancy-inspired TV show) can tell us.

In a scene, Jack and his FBI boss brainstorm how to pinpoint the location of a well known but mysterious terrorist, pay attention to their words:

Boss: So, how would you find him?

Jack Ryan: We need to figure out a way to get inside his head. We need to see what it is that’s motivating him.

Boss: What motivates him? Same thing that motivates all of ‘em, death to the west, a new caliphate.

Jack Ryan: Yeah normally I would agree with you. But… I don’t know, it’s interesting. There’s something different about his agenda.

Boss: Meaning?

Jack Ryan: Everything he’s doing, just feels more specific, more calculated. Look at the way he collected money… it’s sophisticated.”

Did you get it?

His boss probably didn’t.

His problem is that he sees every single target as a uniform blob made out of threats, madness, aggressiveness, and chaos.

But when you’re after the perfect prospect, the ideal target, you need to know that one person specifically, inside and out.

You need to understand them on a deeper psychological level.

That’s what separates the run-of-the-mill operators from the specialists (like our friend Jack here).

You’ve got to have a level of obsession and curiosity for wanting to peel through layers and layers of mental models, traits and states.

A lot of you might be familiar with user/customer personas…

But when it comes to true understanding, most of the ways businesses look at them, is through the lens of demographics.

You want to focus on the psychographics first.

Psychology is what tells you where the puck is going.

And where you can find your ideal prospect.

Tomorrow we’ll look at one way to clarify your picture so you can find your target (at a fraction of the FBI’s budget).

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s the giveaway link again.

Thank you for your continued support 🙏

Quote and reflection of the day:

“There is no grit at the top, no tests of resolve in steak dinners, five-star hotels, or spa treatments. Once you make it in this world, you have to freefall back to the bottom in some way to keep learning and growing.”

– David Goggins, Never Finished

Learning experiences can come disguised as setbacks. Or plateaus. It’s up to you to glean the lessons out of these moments and to remind yourself that you’re actually still moving forward and growing.

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