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How boring positioning often works

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I’m a firm believer that boredom is a myth.

It’s what you don’t know what to do with what you have.

Which can also be true with your business, product – and positioning.

April Dunford in her book “Obviously Awesome”, the positioning bible says:

“it’s better to be successful and boring, rather than fashionable and bewildering.”

The lesson here is your positioning doesn’t have to be sexy to be successful.

It just has to do the work of differentiating you in a way that feels valuable to your prospects.

How do you find that out?

Here are 3 unconventional, but often overlooked areas I look at, to find out how to differentiate my clients:

  • The big idea: What’s the underlying angle the business should use to approach the market? Could be their particular way of doing things, from service, to product or process. It could even just be their personality.
  • The level of awareness and sophistication that our competitors are targeting: If there’s a common pattern and we noticed from research that there’s potential in doing it differently, it’s likely that the competition is still blind to this. Can we target a smaller but potentially more profitable segment of the audience that would also benefit more from our product(s)?
  • The belief sequence: What do prospects need to believe to accept our claims as true? Once we know how we should position ourselves, what do we need to say to lead prospects to believe that’s what they need? This comes down to addressing common objections and pre-existing beliefs. But it’s what a lot of businesses overlook because it precedes the sale. It’s in the journey and in the messaging they encounter on their way there.

Pay attention to these three areas and your business will stand out.

Which means it won’t necessarily be the new flashy big thing, but it will be effective.

And that’s what you want.

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