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How ChatGPT teaches me to think better

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“AI is not gonna take your job. Someone who understands AI is gonna take your job”.

This is according to Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business and host of the Prof G Podcast, Scott Galloway.

I think it’s 100% true.

Counter to what a lot of people might think, it’s becoming increasingly clear how it’s not so much about what AI can do for us, but what we can do with AI.

If this sounds confusing, let me explain…

As I keep learning more about AI and how to use ChatGPT in my work, I get more convinced of one important thing:

It’s not so much about the extra work I manage to cram in a day as a one person business, but more about how this tool is helping me grow and think more effectively.

In a couple of ways so far:

  • I’m forced to go back to the basics: in order to get good output I have to think step by step and re-evaluate my entire approach and process for writing copy.
  • It makes me a better teacher and mentor: working with ChatGPT is like working with a junior copywriter, except it knows a shit ton of stuff. But you still have to provide the right instructions in the right way to get the best help.
  • It crushes my course of knowledge: when you’re immersed in your field you tend to overlook important details and it’s harder to go back to a beginner’s mindset. By instructing ChatGPT and seeing what you get in return, you have the chance to get that outside perspective on your own insights that you wouldn’t otherwise have gotten.
  • It helps me fail left and right: what do I mean by that? In web design failing left and right means adjusting your parameters at the extremes and seeing where that takes you. Does too much white space look odd? What about making that headline super small? etc. With ChatGPT supplying an endless amount of ideas, I get to explore the extremes in all the pieces of copy I write.
  • It constantly keeps me on my toes: the fact that its output is nearly unlimited and never the same, helps not settle for good enough. It’s a helpful push and reminder that there’s always a better or different alternative worth exploring.

There are probably more, subtle ways I’m getting a ton out of using AI, but this is what jumps to mind.

ChatGPT will become better and maybe in a way it will be less “useful” as a thought improving tool. After all the more work machines do for us, the less of it we have to do.

But I’m pretty optimistic about our future if we can join forces.

Have you been using it? What’s your experience so far?

Quote and reflection of the day:

“Don’t let reality control your imagination. Let your imagination be the user interface to steer your reality.”

  • Scot Adams, How to fail at almost everything and still win big

A failure or imagination limits your possibilities and opportunities. Ground your decisions in reality, but let your imagination help you make more and bolder decisions.

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