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I’m a sucker for learning.

Seriously, my ideal day is spent reading books, studying courses and taking notes.

I used to do that back when I started out with copywriting in 2014.

Thing was, I was getting a paycheck from my full-time job as a software engineer and I didn’t “need” to make money on the side yet.

That came later when I had to prove that I could make the copy gig work before leaving my completely unrelated job.

But I still deal with this challenge every day.

How do you balance learning and doing stuff?

How do you know when you’ve done enough reading?

And how much is enough?

My coach said to me when I asked him: “What do you need to learn?!”

In a way he’s right.

My thirst for more knowledge won’t really move the needle for my business at this point.

It’s more a matter of using knowledge to differentiate and add nuance to my brand and services.

But I think I subconsciously (or as a consequence of necessity) found my way to navigate the dilemma.

Now I only decide to get to learning in one of these 2 cases:

  • When I feel that a focused, guided and premium course could help me add to my services and charge more for the added value
  • If the learning is a valuable medium to long-term investment and I don’t have a specific goal with it (like improving my writing or speaking skills)

Then it’s just a matter of finding the right resources.

Reason why I subscribe to as many newsletters as I can, have them all go in a single folder and scroll through them whenever I have time. It’s a great way to get ideas and get inspired.

Pro tip: when you start following people you admire online, especially if they’re at the beginning of their journey and put out a course, that’s usually gonna be cheap but packed with insane value. Because they are still trying to prove themselves to their audience and need testimonials.

This is the best way to learn from some of the best (or future best) and even connect with them personally.

Speaking of connecting, I’ll be at SaaStock in Dublin next week to meet and learn from a ton of amazing SaaS pros.

In case you’re gonna be there, let me know!

I’ll use that as a chance to share with you some of what I’ll learn at the event.

In the meantime, you can learn how to clearly present your product and features and what good, bold positioning looks like in, this week’s website teardown. You can find it on my channel.

Have a great weekend.

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