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I believe decision making is the most important skill you could work on and study.

Story time…

Back in 2018 I had just moved from Italy to England, left my software engineer job after 10 years, left my girlfriend and also my band.

And I started working online as a copywriter full time.

I’d say this opened up a lot of space for new adventures and for big decisions.

I still remember vividly one evening I was randomly looking at my email on the phone when something got my attention.

“Win a ticket to our conference in Austin” the subject line went (or something like that).

Inside, a simple call to action. Fill out a quick form with your experience and vision for the future of your business, to apply and win a ticket to an online business conference held in Austin, Texas.

I had nothing to lose, everything to gain. I never did any networking whatsoever and I was a total newbie in the online scene. So I took 5 minutes and filled that form out.

A couple weeks after, I received an email confirming I was one of the 2 people (out of thousands) who won a ticket.

I rushed to booking my flight (which was expensive as hell, but who cared, I was all in) and a month after that I was on my way to Austin.

Fast forward to today and that single decision turned out in exponentially growing my skillset, my network and in working for 2+ years at an amazing design/CRO agency where I learned most of what I know about UX (I met the founder at that conference).

How could I not believe in the power of decisions and in how important studying decision making is?

Think of how important it was that the subject line of that email got my attention!

This is the mindset you should be in when learning about how your prospects make decisions. Whether that’s a decision to buy or to bounce off your site.

Every step they take is getting them closer (or further away) to a decision that, as trivial as it might be, could ripple out into a transformation, a memorable life journey.

Make it this important and your customers will love you for it.

This is the investigative work I do and if you need help with figuring out the exact steps, get in touch.

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Every week I write about what I’m learning at my copywriting/UX desk ,with fun, insightful and quirky stories.

Let’s nerd about decision making, persuasion, habits, and conversion optimization.