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How to become immortal

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“Who wants to live forever

Forever is our today

Who waits forever anyway?”

– Queen, Who wants to live forever

I love Queen.

They are one of those bands that achieved true immortality I think.

What about you and your brand – ever wanted to live forever?

Well, if you aim at being or staying successful, the answer is probably yes.

At least for as long as you live, being memorable is something we all (sometimes secretly) aspire to.

Believe it or not, good copy can make you memorable.

It can create an “immortal” image in the minds of your prospects.

I use the term immortal for emphasis, but what if for you that would simply mean you’re the go-to in the market for the of solution you provide?

Being immoral in your niche, no matter how small, can be the difference between people trusting you and switching to a competitor.

I was thinking about it while working on a new website teardown yesterday.

The platform I was looking at promises a new way and approach to an old(ish) problem: creating and presenting slide decks.

And I was asking myself “Suppose I start using this tool, I build all my branded templates with it, and in 5-6 months time, they go bankrupt or they get acquired… what then? Would I have to revert back to my old trusted albeit clunky Google Slides?”

This and many more questions can cement very vivid switching costs in the minds of your prospects.

Are you addressing them? If so, how?

What about becoming immortal?

Well, you might say, “let’s go 10x with our claims here, let’s tell them we’re reinventing the [insert product category]!”

That’s what this product I reviewed was doing.

My opinion?

Here’s how Woody Allen put it:

“I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve immortality through not dying. I don’t want to live on in the hearts of my countrymen; I want to live on in my apartment.”

My point with this is: to be immortal you have to captivate readers, yes, but not at the cost of making your claims, airy-fairy material.

Yes, you want to build an image in their minds of the success and of the transformation they will achieve through your product.

But you don’t want to fool them into believing you are reinventing the wheel.

Instead, aim high, but stick to credibility.

Be proud of what you’ve built, but don’t boast.

Take them to the top in their minds, but then bring them down to street level, where the rubber meets the road.

Use the words your audience uses, describe the before and after using examples they would see themselves in, and take them step by step from their current pain, to the feeling your solution provides.

It doesn’t have to be wishy-washy.

Simple, vivid, and practical copy, beats highfalutin and vague messaging every single time.

Curious to see the exact recommendations I gave this company? Check out this week’s website teardown (like and subscribe if you enjoy it!🙏🏻).

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