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Back in 2008, it was impossible to buy glasses online.

At least not affordably.

So 4 guys from Wharton University got together and decided to change that.

They were sick of losing their glasses and having to wait months to be able to afford another pair (good glasses could be $700 with everything involved).

This was in short how Warby Parker was born.

They had 3 priorities:

  • Being a fashion brand
  • Offering value and service
  • Having a social mission

But with a starting price under $100, incredible at the time.

I love the contrast of wanting to be a fashion brand while still being affordable.

And things get even harder when you try to sell something like eyewear online when people are still nowhere near to being confident about that kind of purchase.

Feels familiar with the big shift a lot of businesses had to face during covid.

One thing the guys did to help with that?

Sending you five pairs of glasses to try – for free, including pre-paid return postage.

Now that’s value and service.

To top it off, for every pair of glasses you buy, they donate one to someone in need.

So, you want to disrupt your industry?

Be about something.

Make it clear.

And then stick to it.

With your product, your messaging and with the way you do things.

Not sure how you can position your business to take advantage of your potential?

Get in touch.

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