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How to find a mentor and why even A-list copywriters have one (or more)

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Your blind spots are as dangerous as any bad decision you could ever make.

Because you’re not aware of them until it’s too late.

Trust me, my Dodge Challenger has lots of them, and when I drive (especially on tiny UK roads) I have to pay twice as much attention.

Example? A couple of weeks ago, I got too close to a pole as I was parking up at the airport.

That minor mistake and lack of awareness cost me £650.

You bet I’m gonna be more careful from now on, but I could have avoided it.

That’s what a mentor or coach helps you with.

It’s someone you can count on, not only to get feedback and support. But also and most importantly – to see what you don’t see and know what you don’t know.

Being able to rely on that, helps you grow exponentially.

I’m currently working with a coach on mindset, fitness and nutrition.

I love it. Even if it’s uncomfortable.

No, BECAUSE it’s uncomfortable. That’s where real learning and growth lie.

I’m also interested in finding a copywriting coach.

“But wait, aren’t you a copywriter?”

Yes, but there’s always more.

More perspectives, more challenges, more problems, more clients.

And when you’re in the right direction, with more comes better.

Better perspectives, better challenges, better problems, better clients.

But only if you have the right guide.

Reason why who I’m looking for, needs to be a top, A-list copywriter.

Someone who can take me where I cannot yet see myself going.

What am I looking for?

Here’s a couple of things that maybe you can use too:

  • True, deep wisdom: Someone who knows the fundamentals, the principles, like the back of their hands.
  • Different perspective: I don’t want to work with another SaaS copywriter. I feel that would be limiting. I value fresh approaches, novel ideas and expansion over contraction.
  • Systems: I’m anal about creating systems over setting goals. Reason is because process trumps the outcome. And my coach should have a series of systems, tools, homework in place to get me where I want to go, while making the process simple. Not easy, but simple.
  • Track record: Obviously if I’m looking for a top class copywriter as my coach, they’ll have the track record to show for it. And with that comes…
  • Connections: My current mindset and fitness coach already hinted at the fact that he could land me a podcast appearance on a huge platform for entrepreneurs. But there’s a catch… only once I prove that I’ve done the work. Challenge accepted. In general though, you want your coach to open up new highways for you too (but this shouldn’t be the main reason for working with them).
  • No BS accountability: The first thing my current coach asks me when we get on our calls is “What didn’t you do?” Not what did you accomplish. he wants to know that I’m giving more value and paying more attention to the stuff I avoid doing. Because that’s where growth lies.
  • Relevancy: Someone who keeps up with technology and the social media platforms copywriters share their work on.

These are the main factors I keep in mind when looking for a coach or mentor.

Would you add anything?

They’re also what I try to mirror in my consulting sessions for SaaS and Ecommerce businesses.

Give the best to get the best.

If you want to learn more about those, head here (30% off on consulting workshops for another week).

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