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A client shared a message yesterday.

They launched the new copy and layout a week ago so they started measuring results:

“There are 3 periods because we implemented Live Capture verification where people have to take a photo of themselves with their ID (previously they just had to submit an ID), this was to combat increasing fraud transactions.

The first period is before Live Capture reduced conversion rate. The second is with Live Capture implemented but no copy changes (this would be the benchmark). Then with your copy improvements and Live Capture still enabled.


  • 145% increase in conversion rate.
  • 15.5% increase in $ sales per day
  • 14.5% increase in average transaction value
  • Not much of an increase in actual sales (0.96%)”

Pretty cool.

Not only for the conversion increases after a single week of the new copy going live, but also for another, more nuanced reason.

The new copy is compensating for the friction that the added (but necessary) Live Capture step introduced. I can only imagine what conversions would look like if the sign up process remained untouched.

And mind you, this was a complex project. The client just recently launched their new design, but they didn’t run the proper research and the copy was a mess.

So we had to do the research and inject the website with the new copy. Not a linear and clean process, and not 100% perfect implementation of my wireframes, but we were able to make it work.

This is what understanding your audience can do for your business.

When you absolutely need to filter out who signs up and add friction in the process, good copy and UX help you get more of the right people.

It’s like you’re restricting the top of your funnel, but then you pressure pump good leads right in. It’s magnetic.

Or like going on a lead diet. You eat less, but it’s better for you.

Pick whichever analogy you like.

That’s all for this week. I’m about to go on a camping trip later today so, don’t get in touch if you need any help.

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