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How to get your customers to sell for you

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Yesterday we talked about how good positioning is about being intentional and relevant.

Well, today I want to give a real-world example – from one of my clients.

They wrote in a couple of days ago:

“Our customer (unprompted) posted the following in the largest facebook group for portable sanitation operators. A) that is amazing because he is selling for us. B) it gives us another opportunity to see the words he uses to describe our features so we can improve our copy.

Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you. From one content geek to another:)

Matt, who’s the VP of Marketing over at ServiceCore and I worked closely together on their website’s copy and user flow last year.

It was a great experience and their team is really doing a ton of things the right way.

When I came in however they needed help with fleshing out and crystallizing their positioning and messaging.

The challenge: their audience is averse to software. And that’s what they sell!

But their product is 10x better than what the competition is offering. Their prospects needed to know it.

So we got to work and also thanks to their monster sales team (I probably devoured 15 to 20 hours of sales calls/demos), the final result is pretty powerful.

Not surprised when Matt mentioned this customer is promoting FOR them on social media.

Here are some of what they said:

“I see a ton of people on here constantly asking about what software/ program to use. Here are some of my top reasons to use ServiceCore.

  • If you are like me. And require credit cards on file. ServiceCore will automatically run every customer’s credit card on the invoice date. And automatically email them a receipt along with a copy of the invoice itself.__
  • ….let’s say I have a route that is “Destins Wednesday Route”, every time I add or remove an address. I can optimize this route to be as efficient as possible all with just a click of a button….
  • ….Anytime I ever have an issue or need a question answered. I contact their customer support via message, and I get a response within no more than 10 minutes. Their customer service can also see what you are seeing, which makes things to explain a breeze.
  • you never need to worry about relying on a single computer. As everything is saved in the cloud and can be accessed from any device.
  • …all of your important reports such as Taxes, AR reports, Sales numbers, Technician productivity, volume by territory and so so much more all available for viewing and automatically created.
  • …ServiceCore actually works and looks like a software program made in 2023. A lot of these other programs work like a 1990s Microsoft computer. A very outdated, old design that is more complex.
  • this app is so simple. And so easy to use, even for the older employees that you have and are not tech-friendly. They can use it.

And more…

You get the point.

Anyone of these could be used as a testimonial to back up a specific claim or feature.

And as Matt observed, as research to improve your copy even more and mirror how customers speak.

It’s gold.

But also, it speaks volumes to how their positioning works wonders now.

Here are a few lessons on how to position yourself so your customers die to spread the word:

  1. Use specific, benefit-oriented words and repeat them – a lot. Notice how their customer keeps hammering the word “automatically”… we planted it intentionally in the copy. When you repeat powerful words that create vision for prospects, they will make them their own.
  2. Encourage self-identification. The customer starts off with the words “If you’re like me…” and then goes into the details of what that means. He’s self-identifying into the exact persona we defined for him through our argument. You can do it by creating a story and narrative around the features you offer. And how they fit in with the day-to-day life of your prospects.
  3. Let your product or offer speak for itself. At some point throughout your copy you have to let your product take the stage. Use examples, screenshots, targeted testimonials, videos, gifs and if needed support them with copy. But let those visuals enter and simmer in your audience’s heads. Nobody likes needy people. Your copy shouldn’t feel needy. That’s when your prospects can take the time to absorb all the features and see themselves using the product.
  4. Take a clear stand against the competition. In this case the competition was twofold: the status quo of the old way of doing things + direct competitors. We took a clear stand and conveyed it on the site. Here’s one example:

I don’t think it’s a chance that this customer is using these exact words:

…ServiceCore actually works and looks like a software program made in 2023. A lot of these other programs work like a 1990s Microsoft computer. A very outdated, old design that is more complex.

Again a lot of good positioning and messaging is about mirroring.

Keep these in mind and you’ll create a stronger, more durable and resilient positioning for your brand.

Thanks again Matt for sharing.

If you have anything you’d like to share with me, or would like my take on, just hit reply 😉

P.S. A quick heads up: next week I’ll run our giveaway, so keep an eye out for it. I’d be super grateful if you wanted to spread the word for me (like this guy did for my client).

I’ll let you know more about the prize(s) on Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Quote and reflection of the day:

“The way of the superior person is threefold; virtuous, they are free from anxieties; wise they are free from perplexities; and bold they are free from fear.”

– Confucius, Analects

To be free, make virtuous, wise and bold decisions. Even when you’re anxious, confused or afraid. The results won’t always be positive and these decisions won’t always be easy. But that’s how you gain control and mastery over your life.

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