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How to give your prospects quick wins

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Don’t want to lose potential customers?

Before even converting them, you have to give prospects a win.

How do you do that?

Topic of today’s email.

And as you’ll see, it’s less about them actually “getting” something, and more about them “experiencing” it.

I’ve been reading the book “$100M offers” by Alex Hormozi.

Some of what the guy does might sound scammy, but trust me. Lots to learn there.

it’s a classic case of someone learning from principles, rather than tactics.

And then applying those to their business.

Anyway, speaking of wins…

He says:

The thing people buy is the long-term value, aka their “dream outcome.” But the thing that makes them stay long enough to get it is the short term experience.

That’s what the quick wins are about.

Experiencing the dream outcome right away in some form or another.

It doesn’t have to be the full product.

In fact I think most of it is setting the right expectations and perceptions.

Before people even buy.

And you can do it in 3 ways:

1. Being consistent in your copy, with your branding and with the types of customers you serve.

2. Being focused with your positioning and value proposition.

3. Reducing any sort of friction in the user experience with your brand and website.

Not rocket science, but it’s crazy how many businesses mess at least one of these up.

I see it on a daily basis, whenever I run a website reardown.

For example, the other day I was on a podcast, tearing down 2 SaaS websites, live.

With little to no knowledge of the audience I was able to spot all sorts of issues with navigation, value proposition and social proof…

…that the owner was totally overlooking.

And I think the reason is because that doesn’t feel like high priority work.

When it actually is.

These intangibles, all the details that make or break the customer experience, from learning about you, to landing on the site and then buying from you.

It all matters and should be curated.

That’s what makes customer stick long enough.

If you want to learn how to do that let’s talk.

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