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How to know exactly what to include in your marketing site’s pages to convert

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Yesterday we looked at the different [[Convincer mode]]s we can understand from our audience.

Some people might be persuaded by exposure and a lot of examples/social proof, others might just need more time. Some others are either skeptical or open to believing you by default.

While these tell you how people get convinced after taking in the information they need, we have to look at a step before that.

What kind of information do they need to absorb?

This is where the “[[Convincer channel]]s” come in:

  • Looks right: people who need visuals, they need to see that something works and how it works to be convinced. This is where explainer videos, before and after comparisons and feature tables work very well.
  • Feels right: people who need to empathize with a solution or with the situation of someone else like them (these are likely humanistic decision makers, resonating with pictures of other people).
  • Sounds right: people who resonate with anything vivid, sounds, voices, typically they might want to do less work than the “feelers” type to be convinced – they are likely more passive absorbers than active seekers.
  • Makes sense: people who need a logical argument and explanation of a concept or idea to be persuaded. They have to absorb it and be able to figure it out linearly.

When you can find out where the majority of your audience lie (or where your customer personas lie, if you have many of these), you can customize your website’s messaging and layout in a way that just feels/sounds/looks/is right for the right person.

How do you get this powerful intel?

As usual, we ask questions.

How to understand what “channel” your ideal customers prefer:

  • Why did you decide on your previous solution?
  • How do you know a solution like [your product] is good for you?
  • What do you think about when buying a [your product category]?
  • How do you know a [category] company cares about you and about providing you with a great product/service?

I plan on asking these in my client feedback surveys. It would be super helpful to understand what type of information they digest most efficiently.

How are you gonna use this? Just let me know, I’m curious.

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