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There’s your message and your messaging.

What you say and how you say it.

What you’re all about and the way you position it.

I was listening to a podcast where someone already popular, lately became viral for getting banned from all social media (I won’t name names). He admitted to one fault: could he go back in time, he might change his messaging.

But not the message.

In other words, what people perceived as extreme and easy to twist around, was the way he was saying things. Not inherently what he was saying.

That’s when the media start stripping your message down of all context, reducing it to TikTok snippets and making you look like a danger to society.

It’s an important distinction to make if you want to safeguard your brand and business. Even if you’re a solopreneur or freelancer.

Your messaging is not your message – and vice versa.

Your messaging is made up of all considerations that help you position yourself and stand out as unique, valuable and in alignment with your audience. Your message is what you want people to be left with, what you want to get through after all is said and done.

But the order in which people receive these two is important to keep in mind: your messaging comes first and through that, they absorb your message.

Curate your messaging in painstaking detail and the right people will get your message.

Fail to do so and they will either misunderstand you or overlook you.

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