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How to research your audience when you have no customers

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You have no excuse today NOT to do your customer research.

Working in a vacuum is not acceptable anymore.

Not with AI.

Instead of asking ChatGPT ridiculous questions or using it to write creepy stories, here’s one thing you can do now that can help you make money:

Ask it to be your audience and give you feedback.

The AI tool was limited to data up until 2021, but not anymore. With plugins you can have it search the web, which expands its reach to literally any piece of information imaginable.

This is so valuable to any company, especially for early stage startups who don’t have a ton of email addresses to send their surveys to or people to interview.

Here’s an example…

You don’t have customers yet?

No problem, tell ChatGPT to wear their shoes.

Just start with your assumptions.

Something like:

“You are a [demographic] looking [to achieve goal/for product/to solve pain]. You already [what they’ve already done, what they know etc.] and you land on this website [URL]. What do you think this site is about? Who do you think it’s for? What can you do here? .

That’s it. ChatGPT will search your site’s content and reply to you with its observations.

It’s basically like running free usability testing with specialized kowledge – without having to recruit testers.

In fact, I believe this is the future of usability testing and marketing research.

Imagine a not so distant future where we have AIs covering different markets, audience types, sectors, types of jobs… Each one represents a group of people.

You just pick the one you need and run your marketing through it.

Fast, efficient, cost-effective.

If you’re not using AI to your advantage, you’re missing out.

Do you have any questions on how to do that effectively, specifically with ChatGPT? Ask away and I’ll reply in another email.

Quote and reflection of the day:

“The sure sign of an amateur is he has a million plans and they all start tomorrow.”

– Steven Pressfield, Turning pro

Planning opens up your vision, action cements it. Use planning as a trigger, not as the reward.

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