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How to rub it in and profit from it

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I’ve seen one of the most powerful pieces of copy today.

I was surprised as advertising, especially for huge brands like this one, recently has been crap.

What caught my interest is not only the copy itself, but the way it rubs it in for the people who truly feel that pain.

But, also gives them a solution.

All in just 4 words!

It’s truly something worthy of an episode of Mad Men (highly recommended if you haven’t watched it yet).

Before the big reveal, I want you to understand what, in my opinion the biggest motivator influencing people’s behavior.

Especially nowadays in a time when we’re going back to normal life post-pandemic.

I think the biggest motivator of all today, is our need to be social again.

Eugene Schwartz in “the bible” Breakthrough Advertising, says that you can’t create desire, but you can only channel it and direct it where it’s effective in persuading.

What better way to channel desire than harnessing a strong psychological motivator that we, as humans, subconsciously are affected by since prehistoric times?

Our tribal craving for social interaction.

So, what are the 4 magic words this ad uses?

“Cheers with no alcohol”.

Love it, Heiniken definitely thought it through with this one.

In the posters on the street you simply see two Heiniken beer bottles clinking. Except one of the two’s got a different label. It’s 0% alcohol!

Clear visuals. Clear message. Strong deep motivation.

Being able to have a drink with your people, even if you don’t drink alcohol, is freeing. It frees you from having to explain yourself and allows you to just enjoy the good company of your peers.

And even more nowadays, post-covid.


This actually makes me wonder what an alternative for vegans eating a Beyond or Impossible burger might be.

I would ask myself, “what is the deeper motivation for eating meat with friends and what makes vegans feeling left out?”.

Something to think about when it comes to your business and you want to attract a smaller segment of the audience.

“What is the deeper motivation for [getting result your product delivers] and what makes [minority of audience] feeling left out?”.

Food for thought (vegan pun intended).

If you want to get a roadmap for figuring this out and attract a wider audience, let’s talk.

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