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How to use ChatGPT to come up with better survey questions

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“You don’t learn unless you question.” says Warren Berger in his brilliant book “A more beautiful question”.

It’s truer now than ever.

AI is about to dominate our lives and there’s only one skill that will make or break your success moving forward:

Asking good questions.

Knowledge will become a commodity, but smart questions will create our reality.

I did use AI to create some of my reality yesterday. And I wanted to quickly share it with you.

I needed to write 2 surveys for a client.

They’re selling a course through a long form sales page and we need to survey both their potential and actual customers.

I typically have my own survey templates that I adjust and tailor to the client/market/audience, but this time I wanted to explore and expand my way of thinking about them.

The best thing about ChatGPT is that there are no limits to what you can ask it.

You just need to have a clear idea of what you’re goal is. Reason why knowing how to do the thing, meaning your skills, matter.

So here’s what I’ve done:

First, I instructed it to wear the shoes of an expert copywriter:

Then, I asked it to review the page and tell me what it was about.

It got back to me with the entire outline of the course, who is it for and even what the included materials and bonuses are.

Next, and here’s the fun part, I requested to write survey questions for our prospects. This is where your expertise needs to come in. ChatGPT doesn’t know how you want to structure the survey so you have to at least direct it:

It wasn’t perfect from the get go, so I added a couple more prompts to fine tune it:

And just like that in 10/15 minutes, I got very useful and well structured survey questions to send out. Here’s a snippet just to give you an idea:

The only remaining step was to write the email invite…

Took me 2 minutes.

A couple of voice and tone adjustments and I was set.

Repeat for the customer survey.

My point?

Well, first, learn to use ChatGPT without memorizing prompts and understand that your imagination – and expertise – are the only limits. Second and most fundamental, questions, better questions, matter.

And will matter much more as this tech keeps unfolding.

P.S. I’m working on a new Youtube video today. What would you like me to cover? Anything copywriting, freelancing, learning or just nerdy topics is fair game.

Quote and reflection of the day:

“If you want to excel at anything, you can’t live in a state of total balance. Winning needs to dominate that scale until its side dips as low as it can go, under the weight of your commitment.”

– Tim Grover, Winning

Don’t confuse complacency for balance. But also don’t think you need balance at all costs. Use it as a flag to decide when it’s time to make the next big move.

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