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How to use “live” social proof to sell more

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Have you ever heard of Nathan Latka?

If not, here’s a quick rundown.

Here’s a SaaS founder, sold his first company Heyo for $XX M, started the hugely successful podcast XYZ, wrote a book called XYZ and now runs the SaaS database LATKA that he sells access to.

He’s probably the most connected man in the SaaS industry.

In his podcast he’s interviewed more than 3,000 founders. And he’s booked a year in advance.

To the point where he can “sell” moving you up a slot in exchange for more connections.

Anyway, the point of today is not to tell you about how popular or successful Nathan is, but to tell you about one thing he’s particularly great at.

No, world class at, in my opinion.

And that is, real-time selling.

Just listen to one episode of his podcast.

The amount of data and information he can entertain at any one time is crazy.

Reason why most founders he interviews often get “anxious” about his pushy questions.

He puts them under the spotlight.

Like an interrogation.

The best example of real-time, or live sales I’ve heard him talk about?

He told the story about when he was hosting webinars at his first startup and how during the live webinar, he used to unmute every single person who bought for a couple of minutes.

Putting them on the spot, to ask them why they bought!

I think it’s genius.

It’s basically the IRL version of live social proof boxes you see on ecommerce websites.

Ever seen those?

“John just purchased a XYZ”…

Those tend to work, when used on the right page and for the right reasons.

And this is the point I wanted to make today.

Social proof works. It always worked.

It nags at our primal brains, at our tribe instinct.

But, here’s the secret that a ton of business still are not privy to…

…social proof works best when it’s used in the right context.

For example, your piece of copy is talking about a specific feature?

Add a testimonial right under it, of a customer who’s used that same exact feature and got amazing results.

As simple as matching your social proof with what you’re saying.

Claiming something and backing it up with proof.

That’s what I love about Latka and his ruthless approach to using social proof and to selling.

Not rocket science.

But a huge opportunity still.

If you want to learn how to extract great testimonials, even from an audience that seems to not want to talk with you, let’s talk.

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