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Something I’m noticing lately:

A lot of product people have a hard time thinking of the marketing side.

For example, while interviewing the head of engineering in my client’s team, we both realized how little he knew about the current marketing assets (product pages etc.) supporting and selling the area of the product he works on.

I showed them the current product page that we have to re-write and they were looking at it for the first time.

It’s a very big disconnect.

I don’t expect product people to worry about marketing too, but not having an idea of how their company is selling what they’re building…

I suspect it’s in part the responsibility of marketing. They are the ones creating the assets and they should involve the right people in validating them.

It’s a great little hack actually.

Did you just write a web page talking about some integrations with your SaaS product? Get the guys building those integrations to read it and tell you what they think.

Just take their observations on messaging with a grain of salt in case they are not close to the target audience.

Ask them what objections they would come up with or what they would add.

Then use your marketing hat and judgement to decide what to do about it.

In general my point is, you can use the resources in your team and what they know, for more than just their roles.

It could be your secret weapon and it would keep everyone on the same page.

And if you need to extract that knowledge from them to help with your copy, I can show you how I run my interviews.

Just get in touch.

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