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This is something I’ve been having fun thinking about lately.

Mostly in random conversations with friends. It always ends up in a good laugh.

But here me out, because this business idea could be huge.

The idea:

A Youtube channel where I travel the world and just do 3 things:

  1. Burpees
  2. (Eat) Burgers
  3. (Play) Basketball

To be honest I just came up with the third B. Some people suggested “Babes” (but I despise the pick up artist community), and I also thought about Backpacking…

Anyway, sounds weirdly cool to me, and it might sound idiotic to you. But polarizing ideas are some of those who work best, especially on Youtube.

But let’s face it, it’s unlikely to work (would I even survive it??).

And that’s the lesson and reminder for today.

Following your passion doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to make it work.

It came up because a client recently asked about an important business decision. Our work together highlighted some positioning and niche issues they’re having with the audience they’re currently attracting.

They gathered a ton of traffic following their intuition, without doing the research.

They followed their passion, in a way.

But it’s not leading them in the right direction.

So what should they do?

Well, copywriting wasn’t my passion.

But I was passionate about the underlying principles.

I was and still am passionate about understanding people, our psychology, how we make decisions.

And then I stumbled onto copywriting, a skill I could work all that in, and make money in the process.

Often the right direction you can take with your business is not what most excites you at first. It’s what hints, even barely at a potentially great outcome.

And it’s something you see yourself starting with, committing and sticking to.

You can’t see 100 miles down the road, but you can surely see up to the next couple of feet.

Doing the research, even before you get to the point of a major pivot can help you though.

Need someone to look into it for you?

Get in touch.

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