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First off, this email marks the 100th daily Conversion Alchemy Journal.

Celebration time 🎉

Just wanted to do a quick shout out to all of you reading this. Means a lot and hopefully you’re getting some value or some fun out of it.

Now onto today’s topic.

I’ve been researching and writing emails for an ecommerce client. The niche: golf.

You can imagine all the jokes around balls we could come up with. And I despise boring emails. So, in line with my client’s voice we decided to test something different.

The kind of copy that, if you’re not a golf player would sound almost gibberish to you.

And keep in mind, I played golf once in my life and I totally suck.

So what could I do to write good stuff?

I had to go undercover.

I headed to golf forums, specifically Australian ones, since that’s where my client sells, and signed up with a fake name and fake email (if you haven’t tried Mailinator for this, it’s great).

Then I scoured every post that seemed interesting and had a lot of long-ish comments.

Pure gold!

Stuff like “these things move around more than a Shane Warne leg break when you hit them” (talking about golf balls flying all over).

I had to Google who this Shane guy was. One of the best signs that the message is vivid and super niche specific.

Finally, I took copious notes and copy-pasted tons of sentences like these. All fodder for email subject lines, leades, implied jokes etc.

I’m seriously thinking of titling an email “My old man’s balls” (do not try this at home).

Anyway, it’s a lot of fun if you like getting into other peoples’ minds and understand their points of view. And the copy you get out of it is the copy that resonates and converts.

Try it in your niche, be a fly on the wall, or an undercover agent too.

And in case you want me to do it (after all, it’s a dirty job), get in touch.

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