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If you hate on flexing, you’re not flexing enough

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Showing off is good.

And here’s why.

How often do you see so called influencers (even if they only have a couple thousand followers) flexing their lifestyles on social media and wondering what they’re trying to prove?

Obviously they just need attention.

Or they’re seeking approval.

They’re insecure.

But are they?

No I’m not an influencer (at least not considering myself one), but lately I’m getting a lot of the same comments these people get.


I just bought a muscle car and the hating on it is quite intense.

Don’t get me wrong, I get a lot of compliments, too.

But for some reason when you share something you’re proud of and that not many can share, you start getting the hate.

From the “where are you gonna park it in the UK”? To the “oh that’s gonna make it bigger ha?”.

Haters gonna hate.

A lot of it is projecting negative stuff on you.

A lot of it is envy.

But a lot of it is also lack of creative thinking.

Because flexing is branding.

Flexing is status.

And like it or not, status dominates our lives nowadays.

If you ask me, I’d rather be in control of my own image and branding, rather than letting other people define it.

Because we’re all signalling, all the time.

And I’d rather deliberately signal the status that represents myself, rather than what society dictates for me.

My point?

Status and flexing are great. Not something to be hatin’ on.

The same is true for your business.

Unless you create and actively signal your own status among competitors, your audience is going to define it for you.

And in most cases this lack of control is what causes you to lose at business.

Something to think about.

And something I always keep in mind when researching my clients’ market.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk.

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