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Ever heard about a tech company that designs underwear?

Well, head over to Whoop’s website and check out their Whoop Body clothing line.

It’s a sort of sports underwear.

Why would they add such a different product to their offering?

They thought differently.

In an interview with the founder, he said:

“When they asked me, why I would design boxers I told them – to give people a way to wear Whoop 24/7”

In other words, he didn’t limit the company to thinking outside the box, he built a completely different box!

But one that complements his main product and adds value to their customers.

It’s the Jobs to be done approach to marketing.

You shouldn’t restrict your thinking in terms of how people use your product. You should solve for any of the “jobs” your product does for people.

They may or may not be related to the core aspects of your it, but they are indeed helpful.

This is how you create loyal customers.

And a strong brand presence.

But you have to know how to pinpoint and address those “jobs”.

The way you do it, is by asking the right probing questions in interviews and surveys.

Tomorrow I’ll share my top 4 questions to ask to do just that.

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