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In defence of teasing

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When was the last time you watched a movie trailer on Youtube until the end?

If you’re anything like me (or the privileged people on earth who can afford watching Youtube), chances are it almost never happens.


Movie trailers nowadays spoiler the entire movie.

Even worst, often the trailer is much better than the movie itself!

I think it’s because with our attention spans cut in half and all, these people need to grab us with an almost full narrative arc. Or they know we’re gone onto the next reel or short, pretty fast.

It’s pretty sad.

I grew up in the 90s and back then, we had VHS tapes. Or Sega Mega Drive cartridges! Good ol’ times.

I still remember like it was yesterday, going into the store and even choosing something to watch or to play was in itself engaging. You looked at the covers, pieces of art really and you imagined the worlds you were about to enter.

But it was just a teaser. You didn’t really know what to expect. And you couldn’t go watch a trailer or a review on Youtube. There was no Youtube! Oh no wait, there was no internet!!

So where am I getting with all of this?

We’re forgetting the art of teasing.

And forgoing it for an all you can eat buffet of content on a thousand different platforms.

That’s why I like email in a way. It feels much personal and “old school”.

And that’s why when it comes to your website, when you do teasing the right way, it makes a difference.

Bullet points or how direct response copywriters call them, “fascinations”, work wonders for it. Often times people get sold simply by a single bullet point that matches their dream outcome or counters an objection.

Teasing your process and anticipating how easy, or frictionless it will be, is also a great way to tease.

Teasing is creating vision for your prospects without giving it all away.

How can you infuse what you do with some of it?

But be careful not to over do it. People are not fools, and too much can quickly turn into sleazy.

Want to learn how to do it properly and in a way that feels natural?

Get in touch.



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