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Is your funnel stuck with cobwebs?

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Fact: a lot of businesses build their funnels and onboarding processes little by little, with the resources they have.

It’s rarely a clean cut process, where you sit down, design your user flow from scratch into the fully fleshed out final version.

That is because every business learns along the way.

And the best ones iterate, improve and optimize.

But these are the minority.

The others tends to leave stuff behind, and they realize they have problems, only when the cobwebs become too big and disgusting to ignore.

True story, a client of mine has two flows:

  • Sign up (lead)
  • Purchase (customer)

The problem? They didn’t know why they had these two separate flows in the first place.

Why for example visitors would want to sign up if they’re not sure about buying yet? Ok, they can get a look into an empty dashboard, play around with their account information, but then what?

To convert these guys the client had to force feed them generic email automations that might (but likely might not) fit them.

Or hope that they just made up their mind to add a product from their dashboard on one fine day.

What I would do is, optimize their current purchase flow to convert leads directly. Chunk their sign up and checkout process into digestible sections and make it as easy as possible for them to start using the product right away.

It’s far more profitable to spend your energy optimizing for the high intent prospects, rather than trying to capture every single lead, and then desperately trying to convert them.

If you want to do that, fine, but at lest have a specific why and goal in mind.

Anyway, this speaks to the need to revisit your systems and processes. Every quarter, every month… just do it.

Chances are you’ll likely find areas you can optimize and others you can just clean up and discard because they’re not useful anymore.

Get rid of those cobwebs regularly and frequently.

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