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It’s not only about the words…

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Knowing which words to put on your page is good. It’s probably most of the work for copywriters.

Because knowing what to write requires research, and research is 60 to 70% of our job.

But there’s a caveat…

Knowing HOW and WHERE to write your carefully researched and planned words, are as important.

It’s about the UX (user experience) of your copy.

Making everything you write easier to digest, read or even quickly skim – is a must in today’s fast-paced world.

Interestingly it’s one thing you can’t really do (yet) with AI. I wonder why there hasn’t been a ton of focus on it yet.

Try asking ChatGPT to write you a short paragraph or even to lay out a series of quickly skimmable sections.

All you get is just a lot of long-winded blurbs that you have to edit and cut down.

Mixing copywriting and UX is more of an art than science.

It requires knowing your audience’s behavior and decision making style. And even still, you’d be mostly making an informed guess. Which is better than not curating that at all.

A quick story on the power of UX in copy?

In the 1950s Stan Lee, co-creator of Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, and a ton more comic books, worked on a project that was intended to help train finance officers for the Army.

He realized how almost every officer had a hard time completing the course. Either that or they took ages. So, he decided to experiment using comic book style writing for the training.

He was able to shorten the time it took finance officers to complete it from 6 months to 6 weeks! All because he was able to convey the stories and information faster, more clearly, and more enjoyably.

In other words, the UX allowed the copy to be more impactful and engaging.

Next time you finish your landing page or homepage, and you stare at the final product, ask yourself: how can I make this easier to consume?

Then if needed, go back to the drawing board.

I’m on a mission to spread the word on how powerful combining UX and copy is.

If you need help, get in touch.

Quote and reflection of the day:

“Anything we do with complete mastery, excellence, and respect will automatically show a profit. The secret of so many successes is that they do what they like doing best, and they do it to the max.”

  • David R. Hawkins, Success Is for You

It’s not only enough to take action. How you take action matters too. Put quality and reverence into everything you do.

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