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Quick celebration: this one marks 150 issues of Conversion Alchemy Journal!

That’s 30 weeks straight of Monday to Friday posting (missed two days, I’ll be honest) and 7.5 months since we started.

I wanted to reflect on it and share a couple of learnings from the process.

Learning 1: the goal is long term

I don’t have anything to sell except my services with this newsletter.

But the goal is not immediate profits. It’s building the brand. And spread my message.

Yesterday we talked about the difference between messaging and message as I see it.

Well, this newsletter conveys my message, which for the most part is…

Don’t guess, do your research, understand your audience and then write your copy/design your site.

The goal is to make it clear and easy to understand, that any business can do a better job if they do the work.

And the goal is long term obviously. The only thing I care about is that the word spreads and that our community starts speaking the same language (not in a cult-like way).

This grants me a ton of creative freedom and allows me to think deeper about what I work on. And I love it.

It’s probably why I’m still writing this every day.

Learning 2: Relationships are built one day at a time

As a consequence of thinking long-term, I’m realizing how this daily newsletter is helping me build strong relationships with like-minded people.

And the byproduct is that these people will spread the word about me.

It’s just a matter of time before a colleague or friend sings up because they heard about this from a reader.

What’s best, is that these relationships are 100% aligned with the principles I value. A couple of people became clients after weeks or months of reading these emails and I didn’t even have any education to do. They already knew how I think about these things and valued them.

Writing these daily, syncs my business with the people I want to attract.

Learning 3: Personal beats professional anytime

It’s amazing how a few emails I thought would do horribly, actually were the most successful.

The reason being, I was sharing something more personal.

When you treat your readers like actual people – no – like actual friends, that’s when you start resonating with them.

In exchange, you learn and grow with them.

You get insightful replies that might change your mind or make you think deeper about something.

Learning 4: Growing big takes active effort

Here’s where I’ve been slacking a bit.

I haven’t really been doing much to grow the newsletter apart from a few related activities that got some traffic to the site.

Luckily the site converts very well.

But still, we need to spread the word.

Here’s where you come in:

If you’ve gotten any value at all to this point from reading these emails, would you mind sharing them with a friend?

You can just pass them this link:

Or share it on:

There’s a lot more coming soon in the works.

But that’s for the next emails.

Thank you so much for being a part of this and for putting up with my often rambling mind.

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