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Jeff Bezos’ ticking time bombs

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Here’s one character trait you should master if you want to be a better business person, leader, partner, or anything really:

Obsessive attention to detail.

  • It’s something you can learn…
  • Learning it is free… (unless you count some pain and heartache as costs)
  • It can pay out instantly…
  • It makes you more resilient…
  • It makes you better at your craft…
  • It makes you love your craft…
  • It makes you a better partner, friend, family member…
  • It makes you more curious…
  • and more…

Why am I stressing this?

Because with copywriting having an obsessive attention to detail matters – a LOT.

It’s one of those meta-skills that new copy folks (or freelancers) overlook.

They think they first have to master their copy chops… and then clients will take them seriously.

They think they have to get better at selling… and then their business will skyrocket.

Same thing with business owners.

They think they have to come up with new features… and then customers will love our product.

They think they have to hire someone new… and then they’ll be able to relax.

But at the root of all this problems, often there’s just lack of attention to detail and of the willingness to obsess over it.

You think you don’t have time for the grunt, manual and daunting work of personally replying to your customers or building those SOPs your team members need?

In “The everything store” Brad Stone tells us an interesting story about Jeff Bezos’ obsessiveness for helping customers:

“with his personal assistants, he reviews all the messages sent to his widely known e-mail address, jeff@amazon.com. In fact, many of the more infamous episodes inside Amazon began with unsolicited e-mails from customers that Bezos forwarded to the relevant executives or employees, adding only a question mark at the top of the message. To the recipients of these e-mails, that notation has the effect of a ticking time bomb.”

If Jeff Bezos has time to read and forward customer messages, you probably do have the time.

These “question mark” emails, also called “escalations”, signal not only an obsessive attention to detail, but also care, attentiveness and urgency.

I think we should all think of our business the same way.

Our businesses (and our customers/clients) deserve our attention to detail, our attentiveness and some urgency on our part.

Which extends to everything we do in and on the business.

From our processes to the copy we write.

Howe can you be a little more detailed oriented today?

How can you put some pressure on yourself to get things done today?

How can you do all of that with care?

It’s a helpful checklist for me.

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Tick, tock, tick, tock… ⏰💣

Quote and reflection of the day:

“I exist; therefore, I complete what I start. I take pride in my effort and in my performance in all phases of life. Just because I am here! If I’m lost, I will find myself. As long as I’m on planet Earth, I will not half-ass it. Anywhere I lack, I will improve because I exist and I am willing.”

— David Goggins, Never Finished

When you stop taking even the smallest things in life for granted, you start realizing how important every single action you take is. Make it count as if it was the last thing you ever do. It’s not about taking yourself too seriously, but it’s about taking life seriously.

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