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Since getting my dream car, a 2013 Dodge Challenger, I started closely following Dodge’s marketing and events.

Their Youtube channel in particular.

What stands out is a company and brand that is willing to break the rules when it comes to car manufacturing, but also to how manufacturers market their products.

Yesterday, on a live presentation that resembled Apple’s WWDC events, they introduced the first “electric muscle car”.

And they went against convention.

You know how silent current EVs are right? Well, Dodge installed a 125 decibel sound system coming out of a fake exhaust, just to be different.

125 dB is loud! It’s comparable to what their 700 horsepower V8 muscle car produces.

Love it.

And honestly, the car looks better than any other electric car I’ve seen, if you’re into sports/muscle cars.

What’s better is the positioning Dodge used for this.

“Performance made us”.

When everybody else thinks of EVs for better environmental impact (which is debatable), fuel economy, and daily utility, they went with aggressiveness and performance.

I think it’s a great demonstration of knowing exactly what’s going on in the minds of your prospects and market (bored out of their minds with EVs), and then taking a stand that goes against the status quo.

Very powerful when you do it right.

What’s something you can say that nobody else can in your market/niche?

And how can you break some of the implicit rules to get there?

Food for thought.

And if you need help clarifying that, you can get in touch.

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