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I’ve been looking into working with a nutrition coach.

Yesterday I was chatting with her and something rubbed me the wrong way.

I mentioned how I’ve been getting these pre-made frozen meals for every lunch from Monday to Friday, and her feedback was a bit disappointing.

She said how it’s much better from a savings and health perspective, to cook your own food.

I can see how it can be healthier, yes. But cheaper?

Not sure on that one. Let me elaborate.

It all depends on how much I value my time.

If one hour of my time is worth $100+ then the $80/month I spend on those lunches is already way cheaper to me. Or I’d be spending at least 2/3 hours a month cooking these meals (x$100= $300).

To be fair to her, we still have to dig deeper.

But the lesson here, and my advice to any service business owner is: don’t forget the intangibles.

In order to know what intangibles your clients value or want to avoid, you have to talk to them and dig deep.

For example, another “mistake” this nutrition coach might be making, is that her process only involves exchanging written information, a form, a diary of the food you eat etc. But if she’d have spoke to me on a 10 minute call?

She would have known a lot of what motivates me or prevents me to work with her.

The intangibles.

And it’s true for any business type, honestly.

SaaS or ecommerce… your customers get to your site with intangible, almost secret fears or behavioral quirks that you can only find out when you speak to them.

Digging this out is like finding gold.

Don’t take the status quo for granted. Go deeper.

And when you’re ready to take it to the next level, get in touch.

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