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My client begs me to launch their new copy ASAP!

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Bit of a celebration today as yesterday I presented the copy and wireframes to a client I’ve been working with for the past couple of months.

Long story short, they made the (fatal) mistake of redesigning their website without thinking about the copy, too.

So they hired a big branding and design agency who told them they were gonna do the research and write the copy… when in the end, although they did a good job at the design, when it came to copy, they simply took what was previously there and laid it out in the new design.

So that’s when I came in, doing all customer research while they were launching the site and writing the copy right after.

I had to prove myself since I sold them on the need to do this project, rather than simply go with the redesign.

And on yesterday’s call I think my client understood what research, copy and a thought-through layout can do for your business.

Right after my presentation (which usually it’s me going through the research and the wireframes for 1.5 hours), the client was like (paraphrased):

“Being in the target audience myself I have to tell you… I got excited while going through it! Can we replace everything we currently have, right away please?”

And I wanted to gradually introduce the new copy/layout and AB test it…

…I guess we’ll go ahead.

Now, it doesn’t happen often that your client is also the audience you’ve been writing and designing for (they scratched their own itch), but when it happens it’s like running a user test, live.

And this is the kind of feedback you want to get.

It’s the feedback that tells you you’re onto something, that you were able to enter the customers’ minds and give them exactly what they want.

So yeah, let’s celebrate.

Enjoy your weekend and get in touch if you want to celebrate some, too.

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