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My friend gets into a cult

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I was chilling at home, just another night in front of the TV, when suddenly.

A call.

My friend never calls me, I thought. Must be important.

And we start chatting.

Or I should say, he starts chatting, asking vague questions on potential investments, opportunities, something he absolutely needs to tell me, but, and here’s the kicker…

He can’t just tell me on the phone.

I need to attend some kind of conference, or meetup of sorts.

A seminar maybe? An in person course?

Where, I would learn some incredible secrets that he couldn’t freakin’ tell me on the phone about!

Wait a minute, all this urgency, all this secrecy…for what??

I’m pretty careful about how I spend my time. Pretty maniacal I’d say. So it was totally out of the question that I would have blindly attended an in person event to learn about some random opportunity, without even knowing who was behind it or what they were gonna talk about.

I just wanted to go back and watch TV.

But my friend was persistent. To the point where I wasn’t even recognising him, his attitude. Something was…off.

Then it finally dawned on me.

My friend, got trapped into an MLM scheme.

As soon as that glimpsed into my mind, I asked him, openly: “Did you join one of those pyramidal schemes??”.

I knew about MLM and how it works. And especially in Italy, where most people think that if you work online you either are in the porn industry or sell some kind of scammy “make money quick” course, those companies spread like wildfire.

That’s where my friend failed his pitch.

And that’s what leads into today’s topic.

Screwing up when talking to your first time prospects and website visitors.

What my friend didn’t know was that I KNEW.

In other words, I was aware of what goes on in the MLM world.

I would have been a 60 year old retiree, MAYBE he would have hooked me.

Two things my friend failed at specifically (and that you should keep in mind when thinking about your customer journey) were:

  • 1- He failed to address my objections, formed by a higher awareness level than what he thought. You should collect these, from your visitors.
  • 2- He 100% used template responses that the MLM company provided. Too bad, templates if not adjusted according to solid persuasion principles (rather than mere tactics), never work.

There’s a reason why only ~0.02% of the MLM peeps make the big bucks.

And if you don’t want to end up like one of the thousands losers in your market, you better have a solid strategy in place to match your visitors’ expectations when they land on your site.

If you want to learn how I do it for my SaaS and eCommerce clients, let’s talk.

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