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Parkour your way to business success

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Let’s talk about business and branding.

How do you see yours? What meaning do you give it? What’s your vision?

All questions that might seem abstract on the surface. But important to get you to your destination.

For example:

To me copywriting and user experience are a way to learn about human behavior, decision making…and to improve the internet so that we enjoy what we consume and can extract the most value from it.

And so that we can extract the value from what we value!

As in, you can have an amazing product, but if you’re not able to convey that value and present it in a way that visitors can extract it, that’s a missed opportunity, for you and for them.

So how do you think in terms of value extraction in your business?

One of the best examples I’ve seen recently online, comes from parkour.

This guy on Instagram, “parkour.jang”, is a monster and somewhat of a crazy dude. To him, cities are concrete jungles. And he’s like Tarzan.

What he said in a caption recently was a great lesson in extracting value out of your business (so you can have prospects extract that value for them):

“One thing I love about parkour is the problem solving. To find a space and find possible routes and challenges has always been so fun. Then to execute and finish the way you envisioned it. There’s no other feeling quite like it. To make thought reality. I’ve never seen a garage with so many possible variations to climb and ascend the exterior. Definitely gonna be back to this spot to hit more challenging ascents.”

A ton of lessons here.

Most important, learn to love problem solving, that’s “finishing the way you envisioned it”, that’s “making thought a reality”.

It’s what any master at their craft does. They learn to love the process, especially when it gets tough, because they have a vision for where they want to get.

Another lesson…

Learn to “see” as many variations for doing one thing as you can. Expand your possibilities and chances of success. Learn to spot opportunities in the mundane.

Hear of the matter here is: when you learn how to extract as much value from your business as you can, you can voice it in a way no competitor can. It will be your vision, your mission and prospects will embrace it.

This is what successful mega brands do, and you can too.

To learn how to apply this concept to your own SaaS or eCommerce business through branding, UX and copy, let’s talk.

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