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It’s one of those concepts that’s always hard to internalize and remind yourself of.

But being persistent works in sales.

Even in attracting leads that might eventually turn into sales.

I would also add to it, that persistent exposure sells.

Exposure to your brand, to your message, and to your content.

Example, I’ve been following this coach/influencer online for over 2 years now.

It’s been on and off though. At times my mood or goals weren’t matching his message so I stopped following him.

But then I came back (the magic of retargeting…).

And I dove deeper. I bought his book, I listened to all his podcast interviews and finally, I decided to inquire about his coaching program.

It took me 2 years, so what changed?

My mindset, my objectives, my situation in life, my understanding of his approach and methodology, my gut feeling about him and more.

A lot of it is intangible and out of our control as marketers, but some of it, like the education aspect and the setting and matching of expectations is.

All of this is to say, every touch point matters and you should keep it in mind.

Not only when it comes to your business, but with personal relationships too.

Don’t take your next interaction for granted.

Use it as an opportunity to offer value or to be the person others need, at that particular moment in time.

Even if it’s simply to listen.

They will remember you for it.

It’s especially important in SaaS where sales cycles might sometimes be months or years.

A lot of effort if you don’t capitalize on it.

But to figure out how to deal with it, you have to know who you’re dealing with.

I can help you, just get in touch.

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