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Posers, wannabes and pros

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There’s a big difference between someone who knows about a topic, and someone who knows the topic.

I once heard direct response marketer and copywriter Alen Sultanic talk about that, when looking for a mentor, it’s important to learn who to learn from.

And I see it every day on social.

Building in public has become the new multilevel/network marketing.

People “selling” the opportunity, rather than the product.

On one side you have those actually doing the thing. These are the true operators.

On the other side, you have the ones who share what the operators do.

I’m a firm believer in doing the work to have an opinion, and that’s what I always prioritize.

At the cost of spending 2 months in monk mode just working on client projects without a single tweet going out.

Luckily I’m finding a good balance and the discipline to stick with both doing the work and sharing it.

Anyway, my point is…

People can sense your expertise and matching their need for higher or lower sophistication is important with your copy.

So let’s say you want to find a mentor…

How do you know they’re the right ones?

Ask them: “How does [what they do] work? Why does it work that way?

The more in-depth they go, the more you can be sure they are the actual operators.

It’s the same when it comes to your site.

Higher sophistication prospects want to get to the nitty gritty of how what you do works. So, expand on that section.

Or tone it down if they are on the lower sophistication spectrum.

Voice is important too, especially the vocabulary you use.

You might think that jargon is often detrimental, but sometimes, in the case of a highly sophisticated audience, it can actually act as proof that you know your stuff.

So use it. Don’t abuse it, but carefully and strategically place the right keywords where they matter. Show them that you are prioritizing higher level thinking because that’s where they’re coming from.

Because you know and care enough about them.

Awareness and sophistication are really interlinked and you should be paying attention to the language you use.

Your language acts as a beacon.

It’s a the lighthouse that will help you lost prospects make it safely back to port.

The port being your sign up process or cart obviously.

Need help crafting the right words, with the right voice so you can match where your visitors are coming from? get in touch.

Quote and reflection of the day:

“Whatever success I’ve had in life has had more to do with my knowing how to deal with my not knowing than anything I know.”

  • Ray Dalio, Principles

Being aware of how much you don’t know and taking action to figure it out, is more valuable than always than always having an answer.

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