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Put your customers on speaker and let them sell for you

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We could all learn from the real estate industry.

I know I do, with each new episode of Million Dollar Listing NY.

In part because of the complexity of the deals (buyer + seller side + broker + staging etc.), and in part because of the branding/personalities these brokers showcase.

I know, I know, this is probably the flashy version of what real estate really looks like, but still – extremes are often good polarizing examples.

And polarization, in my opinion works.

Anyway, in one episode, Ryan Serhant is in his car, heading to a meeting, when he gets a call from another broker.

They’re interested in buying a property he’s listing.

Since the other broker is nearby, Ryan comes up with a great idea…

To get the broker into his own turf. His car.

So, a quick detour after, and the driver picks up this broker.

The two start negotiating on price, but can’t get anywhere.

Then, magic…

The seller (who happens to be Marc Jacobs’ husband), calls.

So Ryan, with a genius move, puts him on speaker and the seller starts making his case for what the right price should be.

Thing is, the other broker is in the car, listening!

And just like that, they agree on the price. And best of all, Ryan didn’t have to do anything.

It’s a beautiful example and quick visual reminder of how well social proof – specifically contextual social proof works.

Selecting testimonials that match your copy and visuals can convert 10x more for you.

They help prospects visualize their dreamstate, feel like it’s achievable and realistic.

Highlight important and vivid bits in each sentence, and you even help skimmers get the juice of it.

Think about your top conversion pages…

Where could you add a touch of proof? Where could you “put your customers on speaker” so they make your case for you?

If you’re not sure how to collect testimonials that do this is for you, get in touch.

Quote and reflection of the day:

“I’ve always believed that it’s just as hard to achieve big goals as it is small ones. The only difference is that bigger goals have much more significant consequences. Since you can tackle only one personally defining effort at a time, it’s important to pursue a goal that is truly worthy of the focus it will require to ensure its success.”

– Stephen A. Schwarzman, What It Takes

Getting anywhere in life requires focus and energy. Even if that somewhere is a job or a relationship you hate. You’re still putting in the energy. Commit to giving your future self the life they deserve and have the potential for.

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